About Lighter Years Ahead

First and foremost, welcome to my neck of the (inter)woods

Please accept the sincerest of “thank yous” I have for you, gentle reader. In a universe of (almost) infinite virtual destinations, the fact that you made your way here and have gotten this far has not been lost on me. I appreciate and value your time, as I do mine, so I hope you enjoy Lighter Years Ahead!

What’s with the title? Why Lighter Years Ahead?

Although somewhat accustomed to it, I realize that I have accumulated a lot of baggage in my 41 years. This baggage comes in many forms, such as living with poor financial decisions, lack of proper health and wellness, having too much stuff at home, being overweight, suffering from anxiety and depression, procrastination, over-consumption (both in diet and in lifestyle), poor habits, and the list goes on and on. It is through letting go of this baggage that I will lighten the load that I carry with me in life. But I know that dropping the baggage and breaking the habits will not be easy.

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